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August 9, 2019,

CRUSHING and screening material is a key component of any mining activity – and custom crushers to process your feed is what makes the difference in tonnage and productivity.

Finlay Screening and Crushing Systems offers a range of jaw crushers, impact crushers and cone crushers to suit a range of mining applications, from coal to gold, and everything in between.

The Terex Finlay J-1480 jaw crusher

Jaw crushers effectively break down materials such as granite, limestone, concrete and asphalt, and Finlay’s machines include a powerful combination of performance, simplicity and versatility combined to suit almost any application.

The J-1480 single toggle Jaw Crusher is fitted with a Terex Jaques 1370mm x 762mm (54” x 30”) single toggle jaw crusher chamber and a heavy-duty undercarriage for exceptional on-site mobility.

The hydrostatic drive, independent hydraulic pre-screen, heavy duty vibrating feeder, with automatic control to regulate the feed into the crusher, ensures that the machine delivers maximum performance and efficiency, reducing down time whatever the application.

Selectable discharge of fines materials to either the by-pass or main conveyor and reversible operation for clearing blockages are features of this machine.

Finlay Screening and Crushing Systems manager Ronnie Bustard said the J1480 enabled a coal mine to maximise throughput on their plant to about 400 tonnes per hour.

“This machine can actually ramp up to 750 tonnes per hour depending on the size its crushing and the feed size going into it,” he said.

“On this particular site it’s a bit slower because the coal being crushed is quite large, however the J-1480 is more than capable of taking the bigger feed size and, unlike smaller crushers, is less likely to become blocked as a result.”

Operators can also choose to collect product via the bypass conveyor, or discharge the product via the main conveyor and the integrated pre-screen system removes fines and sizes before entering the jaw chamber, reducing packing and wear on the jaw liners.

“The customer didn’t want to generate fines, so the bypass feature with the pre-screen helps and you can generate less fines than you would with an impactor or cone crusher,” Mr Bustard said.

The I140RS impact crusher

The Terex Finlay I140RS impact crusher is adjustable to suit smaller materials and different size requirements.

Finlay stocks a range of high quality mobile impact crushers that use a combination of unique crushing variations to provide low wear costs, superior materials and high reduction ratios.

The Terex Finlay I-140RS shapes the future through innovation, with advanced technological design resulting in improved material flow and production capabilities in quarrying, mining, demolition and recycling applications.

Incorporating the Terex CR032 impact chamber with direct drive and an advanced electronic control system, the machine provides operators with high material reduction ratios and produces a consistent product shape.

A key component of the machine is the on-board innovative quick detach 4.8m x 1.5m (16’ x 5’) single deck screen.

For applications not requiring recirculation of materials for further processing or stockpiling, the complete screening and recirculating system can be quickly detached from the machine.

The high productivity, ease of maintenance and operation makes the machine an ideal solution for large scale producers and contract crushing operators.

Mr Bustard said the I-140RS had a range of features, including the ease of material flow through the machine being greatly improved with each component increasing in width as the material moves through the machine; fully hydraulic assisted apron setting features, making adjustment of the aprons convenient; and efficient and a heavy duty vibrating grizzly feeder (VGF) with integral pre-screen, removing dirt fines and sizes bypass material for reprocessing.

“Throughput on this machine is around 450 tonnes per hour,” he said.

“As opposed to our jaw crushers, the impactor means you can crush down to smaller sizes as it’s adjustable to suit different requirements.

“For our coal client we ran the machines with independent pre-screens – again bypassing a lot of the inspec material, which does two things; one, cuts down the load on your rotor which increases throughput, and two, it means you’re not crushing inspec material.”

The I-140 RS also has a quick on-board detachable recirculating system, including large 4.8m x 1.5m (16’ x 5’) single deck screen as well as a recirculating conveyor which can be rotated from closed loop configuration or utilised for stockpiling making an additional oversized product.

“The variable speed of the rotor also determines how hard you hit the coal and that again determines how much plus the recirculating conveyor on this machine can be slewed out to stockpile position for coal with high ash contamination,” Mr Bustard said.

“You will lose a little coal by stockpiling that material rather than putting it back into the chamber but your ash content comes down and that’s worth doing.

“Like in the gold process, it’s worth sacrificing a little bit than putting it back in and wasting time, contaminating it and bring it down to a low value.”

C1550 P and C1540 cone crushers

The Terex Finlay C-1550P and C1540 cone crushers are ideal for the aggregate and mineral processing industries.

Terex Finlay cone crushers are ideal for the aggregate and mineral processing industries.

These cone crushers have been effectively designed to only break down the materials that need to be crushed, in order to increase the capacity of the machine and greatly reduce running costs.

Finlay’s cone crushing equipment includes innovative features such as hydrostatic drive, rapid set up time, chamber clearing, high reductions ratio, high output capacity and advanced electronic control systems.

The Terex Finlay C-1550P leads the way, incorporating the proven Terex 1300 cone crusher driven through direct drive.

The machine features a patent pending optional pre-screen module with a single deck 2.45m x 1.52m (8’ x 5’) screen for removal or bypass of fines from the feed material.

The integrated chute system, below the pre-screen, allows the fines material to be discharged from the machine using the optional by-pass conveyor or reintroduced onto the main product conveyor.

Both methods improve the overall plant throughput capacity, product flexibility and liner wear reduction.

The cone features variable speed drive, hydraulic tramp relief system and ability to change closed side setting while crushing.

The large hopper/feeder has an automated metal detection and a purge system to protect the cone and reduce downtime by removing metal contaminants via the purge chute.

The hydraulically adjustable feed conveyor allows the machine to be operated using either the innovative pre-screen system, or, if required, by feeding directly into the cone.

Comparatively, the C-1540 cone crushing equipment features a number of major benefits including hydrostatic drive, rapid set-up time, high reduction ratio, high output capacity and advanced electronic control system with an integrated pre-screen feature.

By only crushing the products that need to be crushed, the capacity of the machine is increased and wear costs reduced.

The metal detector on the hopper with self-clearing facility is also another notable feature.

With an automatic tramp metal relief, hydraulically adjustable closed side settings, ease of maintenance and direct hydrostatic drive, the Cone chamber is already well established in the marketplace.

Mr Bustard said the use of the J-1480 Jaw Crusher, along with both the C-1550P and C-1540 cone crushers, is an effective combination for gold miners.

“With a client making a 14mm minus for their ball mill (which is an extremely hard and abrasive material), we put it through the J-1480 jaw crusher, then into the C-1550P cone crusher with a pre-screen of 14mm to bypass the inspect material from the chamber,” he said.

“Oversize plus 14mm passed through the chamber, and crushed down to approximately 35mm minus, which then goes on to a screening plant.

“The oversize (+14mm -35mm) from the screening plant goes out into a C1540 cone crusher which is smaller (the C1550P is a 1300mm cone and the C1540 is a 1000 mm cone in comparison) is fed back onto the screen so that all inspect material 14mm minus on the ground goes straight to the ball mill.”

Any application

As market leaders in mobile crushing and screening equipment, Finlay can find reliable equipment for all demanding mining and construction environments.

With versatile, mobile impact crushers and a comprehensive range of optional additional equipment available, trust Finlay to match the right products to the demands of your specific application.

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