Slow Speed Shredders

Terex Ecotec's Slow Speed Shredders are designed and purpose-built for the toughest shredding applications including wood waste, pallets, cable drums, paper rolls, compost, mattresses, roots and domestic and industrial bulky waste. Both the TDS820 and TDS825 allow for customizable shredding programs so machine operators can configure the machines to their specific requirements, reduce material wrapping and maximize production. These aggressive slow speed shredders are also ideal due to their low cost of wear parts. Understandably, material wrapping around shredder shafts frustrates machine operators because wrapping causes downtime and reduces production. Mattresses are an excellent example of this as its fabric and springs typically like to wrap around the shafts. Terex Ecotec took this into consideration when designing the TDS825 and TDS820. Long material parts such as plastic film, airfoil, mattresses or composite panels wrapping around the shafts typically lead to machine blockages. The TDS825 & TDS820 features a specialized cleaning system where the shaft reverses in an asynchronous manner that guarantee the self-cleaning effect even when shredding material is difficult. The waste shredder is only making money for owners as long as it’s in use, and Terex Ecotec has designed its slow speed shredders to remain running to give owners an accelerated return on investment (ROI).