SW 100 Sand Screw


Single screw option for fines washing, classifying and dewatering materials.

Features And Benefits

The The Terex® SW 100 Sandscrew is a single screw fine material washer/classifier/dewaterer. The recommended maximum material size is 3/8” (10mm). The approximate capacity of the SW 100 Sandscrew is 50-100 TPH.


SW 100  
Capacity  50-100 tph
Maximum Feed Size  3/8″ (10mm)
Water Required  180-400GPM (25 PSI)
Screw Diameter  0.9m (36″)
Tub Length  7.6m (25′)
Screw Speed  21rpm
Motor Recommendation  15hp/1800rpm
Drive Sheave  3B-60
V Belts  (3), B98
Weight of Washer  14,500 lbs
Loaded Weight  31,400 lbs
Slope of Machine  18o
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