• Size, Scrub, Separate
  • Designed to produce cleaner material at a faster rate
  • Specifically designed to work in the recycling industry, its versatility and design enables it to be easily adapted to work in gravel applications
  • Consists of a trough and two spiral axles running counter to one another with interchangeable blades which intensively mix the feed material
  • Friction from this process breaks down feed contaminates and allows scrubbed material to be stockpiled
  • Ability to integrate with Aggresand™ and other TWS products to process pre-screened material


  • Two high output electrical motors driving a gear system, which in turn rotates the two counter-rotating axles, which perform the scrubbing action
  • Interchangeable high tensile blades 15/30mm AR and Manganese
  • The material forms a bed in the hull, preventing wear in the steel hull
  • The lower bearings are fresh water flushed to prevent wear or damage from small particles
  • Spiral bush for extended seal life (Patent Pending)
  • The machines are fitted with an elevated spray bar system, which constantly adds water to the material. This washes the material and encourages lighter particles to float through the water exit
  • Market leading serviceability and access with full walkway access to all major components on machine
  • Modular design ensures rapid deployment
  • Dead box feeding arrangement which means material on material
  • Rubber lined catch boxes and outlet chutes
  • Equally at home in natural or recycling applications where clay conglomerates are an issue
  • Low water consumption
  • Remote greasing to all bearings
  • Heavy-duty robust modular construction ideal for rugged operating environments
  • High capacity throughput
  • Freshwater inlet 3” nipple
  • Dewatering screens fitted to either end of the machine
  • Specifically designed to work in recycling applications to separate contaminates from saleable material


  • Gravel
  • Crushed material
  • Recycled / demolition material
  • Most kinds of material that needs washed/scrubbed
  • Iron ore
  • Coal

The Aggresand™ and Aggrescrub™ have the ability to combine to provide the perfect solution for customers dealing with recycling applications as well as pit owners with high agglomerations of clay.


Hull Material 8mm Fixed
Gearboxes 22kW Spraybar 3 top deck / 2 bottom deck
Water Filter for Injection Variable 8-10 degrees Spreader Plate Dead box
Shaft Seal 1″ inline filters
Water Injection Feature SUMP TANK OPTION
Pump 100/100 centrifugal pump
Motoc 7.5kW
Main Frame Modular web & flange Water Level Regulation Non-mercury float swich to prevent pump running dry
Walkways Fully galvanised
Walkway Access On both sides of hull, screens and top of hull ELECTRICS
Handrails On walkways and around top of hull Wiring Fully wired and plugged
Lights Fitted to chassis (option) Control Panel Enclosure 1.8 x 1.2m
12 x 5 Aggregate Chute Option As roll away HMI Panel Option
Supply Single Point Logwasher Motor 22kW
Wash Down Hose Optional 12 x 5 Motor 6.63kW
Plumbing Factory pre plummed 6 x 2 Motor 6.29kW
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