206 Screenbox


The Terex® Screenbox Range is designed for maximum production efficiency in applications including sand and gravel, coal, crushed stone, slag, recycled materials, concrete, iron ore and silica glass. The static structure carrying the screen unit is robust, easy to assemble and includes integrated material discharge chutes, walkways and access steps for access to view production and carry out maintenance.

Features & Benefits

  • Side tensioned screen box
  • Spray bars spread evenly on all decks
  • Plastic fan tail spray nozzles
  • Galvanized walkway & handrails
  • Rolling chute system
  • Manual screen angle adjustment
  • Electric drive
  • Steps and walkways provide easy access for maintenance
  • Steps can be placed at any corner of the structure
  • Rolling chute allows greater access to screen mesh when changing
  • Robust easy to assemble steel support structure
  • Rubber lined wear parts
  • Complies with all relevant essential health and safety requirements
  • High pressure plastic fan tail nozzles deliver clean end product
  • Huck bolted, four bearing, free floating vibrating system eliminates the need for fine tuning
  • High capacity (depending on mesh size and material type)
  • Low maintenance


  • 3 deck variant
  • Dry, rinser & part rinser
  • Level frame
  • Modular polyurethane decks
  • Rubber side tensioned mesh
  • Aluback wear plate in wash box
  • 10” Sand slurry pipes
  • Rubber lined catch box and division plates
  • Rubber lined transfer box
  • Adjustable division plates
  • Hydraulic drive (on certain models)
  • Brass or plastic nozzles
  • Height extensions to feed from the PS and FM ranges
  • Flipper plates in the rolling chute. Permitting blending of material grades


20 x 6 Screenbox 3 Deck
(2 Bearing)
2 Deck
(4 Bearing)
Screenbox Size 6m x 1.8m (20′ x 5′) 6m x 1.8m (20′ x 5′)
Width 4.71m (15’ 6”) 4.71m (15’ 6”)
Length 15.3m (50’ 2”) 15.3m (50’ 2”)
Height 7.8m (25’ 3”) 7.36m (24’ 2”)
Electric motor 30hp 22kW 30hp 22kW
Water feed pipe 150mm (6”) 150mm (6”)
Top deck spray bars 10 off 10 off
Middle deck spray bars 8 off N/A
Bottom deck spraybars 8 off 8 off
Waste water discharge 2.34m (7’ 6”) 2.34m (7’ 6”)
Product discharge height 1.63m (5’ 4”) 1.63m (5’ 4”)
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